Maine Revised Statutes

22 §1471-A. Purpose and policy
22 §1471-B. Board of Pesticides Control
22 §1471-C. Definitions
22 §1471-D. Certification and licenses
22 §1471-E. Aquatic application, permit required
22 §1471-F. Critical areas
22 §1471-G. Reports
22 §1471-H. Inspection
22 §1471-I. Enforcement (REPEALED)
22 §1471-J. Penalties
22 §1471-K. Appeal
22 §1471-L. Subpoenas
22 §1471-M. Powers of board
22 §1471-N. Chemical control of vertebrate animals (REPEALED)
22 §1471-O. Exercise of powers by Board of Pesticides Control
22 §1471-P. Storage of illegal and obsolete pesticides
22 §1471-Q. Return and disposal of limited and restricted use pesticide containers (REPEALED)
22 §1471-R. Notification and monitoring
22 §1471-S. Requirement for spotters and monitors
22 §1471-T. Exemption
22 §1471-U. Municipal ordinances
22 §1471-V. Local participation
22 §1471-W. General use pesticide dealers
22 §1471-X. State policy; public and private initiatives to minimize reliance on pesticides
22 §1471-Y. Notification of outdoor pesticides application using aircraft or air-carrier equipment (REPEALED)
22 §1471-Z. Registry of property requiring notification for pesticides applications (REPEALED)
22 §1471-AA. Awareness of outdoor pesticides applications; role of the board (REPEALED)
22 §1471-BB. Refund of deposits (WHOLE SECTION TEXT EFFECTIVE UNTIL 12/31/17) (WHOLE SECTION TEXT REPEALED 12/31/17)