Maine Revised Statutes

§13703. Use of effectiveness rating; grievance

A superintendent shall use effectiveness ratings of educators to inform strategic human capital decision making, including, but not limited to, decision making regarding recruitment, selection, induction, mentoring, professional development, compensation, assignment and dismissal. [2011, c. 635, Pt. A, §3 (NEW).]

Receipt of summative effectiveness ratings indicating that a teacher is ineffective for 2 consecutive years constitutes just cause for nonrenewal of a teacher's contract unless the ratings are the result of bad faith. [2011, c. 635, Pt. A, §3 (NEW).]

Any appeal of, or grievance relating to, an evaluation conducted pursuant to this chapter or an effectiveness rating resulting from implementation of a system is limited to matters relating to the implementation of the system or the existence of bad faith in an evaluation or the assignment of a rating. The professional judgment involved in an evaluation or implementation of the system is not subject to appeal or grievance. [2011, c. 635, Pt. A, §3 (NEW).]

2011, c. 635, Pt. A, §3 (NEW).