Maine Revised Statutes

Title 20-A, Chapter  201: GENERAL PROVISIONS
20-A §4001. Facilities
20-A §4002. Schoolbooks, apparatus and appliances
20-A §4003. Water supply
20-A §4003-A. Hazardous chemicals
20-A §4004. Fencing
20-A §4005. Gifts
20-A §4006. Closing schools (REPEALED)
20-A §4007. Secret societies prohibited
20-A §4008. Privileged communications
20-A §4009. Civil liability
20-A §4010. Pledge of Allegiance
20-A §4011. Employment reference immunity (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 20-A, SECTION 4010)
20-A §4012. Uniforms worn by members of military and public safety personnel