Maine Revised Statutes

§706. Public information about persons detained following arrest

1. Requirement of record.   A Maine criminal justice agency that maintains a holding facility, as defined in Title 34-A, section 1001, subsection 9, or other facility for pretrial detention shall record the following information concerning each person delivered to it for pretrial detention for any period of time:
A. The identity of the arrested person, including the person's name, year of birth, residence and occupation, if any; [2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).]
B. The statutory or customary description of the crime or crimes for which the person was arrested including the date and geographic location where the crime is alleged to have occurred; [2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).]
C. The date, time and place of the arrest; and [2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).]
D. The circumstances of the arrest including, when applicable, the physical force used in making the arrest, the resistance made to the arrest, what weapons were involved, the arrested person's refusal to submit and the pursuit by the arresting officers. [2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).]
[ 2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW) .]
2. Time and method of recording.   A Maine criminal justice agency shall record the information under subsection 1 immediately upon delivery of an arrested person to the criminal justice agency for detention. The criminal justice agency shall record and maintain the information in chronological order and keep the information in a suitable, permanent record. The information required by this section may be combined by a sheriff with the record required by Title 30-A, section 1505.
[ 2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW) .]
3. Information public.   The information required to be recorded and maintained by this section is public criminal history record information.
[ 2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW) .]
2013, c. 267, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).