Maine Revised Statutes

§2202. Notice of sale

The officer in such case shall give written notice of the time and place of sale to the debtor in person or by leaving the same at his last and usual place of abode, if known to be an inhabitant of the State, and cause it to be posted in a public place in the town where the land lies and in 2 adjoining towns, if so many adjoin; and if the land is situated in 2 or more towns, then in each of those towns and in 2 towns adjoining each of them; and if the land is in 2 or more counties and is contiguous, an officer in either county may take or seize on execution all the right of the debtor in such land, give, post and cause the notices to be published as required, and sell the whole right. When the land is not within any town, the notice shall be posted in 2 public places of the shire town of the county in which the land lies, instead of the posting aforesaid. When the debtor is not a resident of such county, the personal notice may be forwarded to him by mail, postage paid; all to be done 30 days before the day of sale. The notice shall be published for 3 weeks successively before the day of sale in a newspaper of general circulation in such county. [1987, c. 667, §9 (AMD).]

1987, c. 667, §9 (AMD).