Maine Revised Statutes

§2201. Sale of real estate rights and interests

Real estate attachable and all rights and interests therein, including the right to cut timber and grass, as described in chapter 507, subchapter III, rights of redeeming real estate mortgaged, rights to a conveyance of it by bond or contract, interests by virtue of possession and improvement of lands as described in chapters 723 and 725 and estates for a term of years, may be taken on execution and sold, and the officer shall account to the debtor for any surplus proceeds of the sale, to be appropriated as provided in section 5001. Such seizure and sale pass to the purchaser all the right, title and interest that the execution debtor has in such real estate at the time of such seizure, or had at the time of the attachment thereof on the original writ, subject to the debtor's right of redemption. This section does not repeal any other modes of levy of execution provided in this chapter.