Maine Revised Statutes

§746. Court costs and fees of experts

1. Assessment of costs.  The court in an appraisal proceeding commenced under section 745 shall determine all costs of the proceeding, including the reasonable compensation and expenses of appraisers appointed by the court, and shall assess the costs against the professional corporation; except that the court may assess costs against the disqualified person in an amount the court finds equitable if the court finds the person acted arbitrarily, vexatiously or not in good faith in refusing to accept the corporation's offer.
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2. Assessment against corporation.  In addition to costs assessed under subsection 1, the court may assess the fees and expenses of counsel and experts for a disqualified person against the professional corporation and in favor of the person if the court finds that the fair value of the person's shares substantially exceeded the amount offered by the corporation or that the corporation did not make an offer.
[ 2001, c. 640, Pt. B, §2 (NEW); 2001, c. 640, Pt. B, §7 (AFF) .]
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