Maine Revised Statutes

§710. Officers

1. Officers elected or appointed.  The officers of a corporation shall consist of a president, a secretary or clerk, a treasurer and such other officers and assistant officers as may be deemed necessary, each of whom shall be elected or appointed at such time and in such manner and for such term as may be prescribed in the articles of incorporation, in the bylaws or in a resolution of the board of directors. In the absence of such provision, all officers shall be elected or appointed annually by a board of directors. Any 2 or more offices may be held by the same person unless otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation or bylaws.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
2. Authority to make contracts.  Unless they have reason to believe otherwise, persons dealing with a corporation are entitled to assume that its president has authority to make, on its behalf, all contracts which are within the ordinary course of those activities in which the corporation is already engaged.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).