Maine Revised Statutes

Title 13-B, Chapter  7: DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS
13-B §701. Board of directors
13-B §702. Number and election of directors
13-B §703. Vacancies
13-B §704. Removal of directors
13-B §704-A. Removal of directors by judicial proceeding
13-B §705. Place and notice of directors' meetings
13-B §706. Quorum and vote of directors
13-B §707. Unanimous action by directors without a meeting
13-B §708. Informal or irregular action by directors
13-B §709. Committees
13-B §710. Officers
13-B §711. Removal of officers
13-B §712. Loans to directors and officers prohibited
13-B §713. Transactions between a corporation and its directors and officers (REPEALED)
13-B §713-A. Public benefit corporation; board
13-B §714. Indemnification of officers, directors, employees and agents; insurance
13-B §715. Books and records
13-B §716. Duties of directors and officers (REPEALED)
13-B §717. General standards for directors
13-B §718. Director or officer conflict of interest
13-B §719. Duties and authority of officers
13-B §720. General standards for officers
13-B §721. Misapplication of funds or assets of public benefit corporation