Maine Revised Statutes

Title 13-A, Chapter  7: DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS
13-A §701. Board of directors; management of corporation (REPEALED)
13-A §702. Qualifications of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §703. Number of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §704. Election and term of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §705. Classification of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §706. Vacancies in board of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §707. Removal of the directors (REPEALED)
13-A §708. Time and place of meetings of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §709. Notice of meetings of directors; persons who may call meetings (REPEALED)
13-A §710. Quorum and vote of directors (REPEALED)
13-A §711. Unanimous action by directors without a meeting (REPEALED)
13-A §712. Informal or irregular action by directors (REPEALED)
13-A §713. Executive and other committees (REPEALED)
13-A §714. Election, qualifications and powers of officers (REPEALED)
13-A §715. Vacancies in office; removal of officers (REPEALED)
13-A §716. Duty of directors and officers (REPEALED)
13-A §717. Transactions between corporations and directors and officers (REPEALED)
13-A §718. (REPEALED)
13-A §719. Indemnification of officers, directors, employees and agents; insurance (REPEALED)
13-A §720. Liability of directors in certain cases (REPEALED)