Maine Revised Statutes

§11401. Open and closed seasons for deer

1. Open and closed seasons.  This subsection applies to open and closed seasons for deer.
A. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection and sections 10952, 11152, 11403 and 11404 or by rule adopted by the commissioner pursuant to section 11402, subsection 4, there is an open season for deer in each calendar year in all counties of the State between September 15th and December 20th annually. In a year that the regular season extends beyond November 30th, the regular season must start no later than the 4th Monday preceding Thanksgiving. [2009, c. 134, §1 (AMD).]
B. The commissioner may shorten the open season on deer in any part of the State, as long as:
(1) The demarcation of the areas with the shortened season follows recognizable physical boundaries, such as rivers and railroad rights-of-way; and
(3) The Saturday preceding the first day of open season on deer is an open day for residents of the State and for nonresidents who meet the qualifications under paragraph E. [2017, c. 164, §13 (AMD).]
C. [2013, c. 408, §15 (RP).]
D. [2013, c. 408, §15 (RP).]
E. (TEXT REPEALED 9/15/18) (TEXT EFFECTIVE UNTIL 9/15/18) Notwithstanding paragraph B, subparagraph 3, a nonresident who owns 25 or more acres of land in the State and leaves that property open to hunting, holds a valid hunting license and is not otherwise prohibited by law may hunt deer on the Saturday preceding the first day of open season on deer.
This paragraph is repealed on September 15, 2018. [2015, c. 401, §1 (NEW).]
[ 2017, c. 164, §13 (AMD) .]
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