Maine Revised Statutes

§8. Transfer of legislative jurisdiction

1. Notice.  In order to acquire all, or any measure of, legislative jurisdiction of the kind involved in the Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 over any land or other area; or in order to relinquish such legislative jurisdiction, or any measure thereof, which may be vested in the United States; the United States acting through a duly authorized department, agency or officer, shall file a notice of intention to acquire or relinquish such legislative jurisdiction, hereinafter called notice, together with a sufficient number of duly authenticated copies thereof to meet the recording requirements of subsection 3, with the Governor. The notice shall contain a description adequate to permit accurate identification of the boundaries of the land or other area for which the change in jurisdictional status is sought and a precise statement of the measure of legislative jurisdiction sought to be transferred. Immediately upon receipt of the notice, the Governor shall furnish the Attorney General with a copy thereof and shall request his comments and recommendations thereon.
2. Legislative approval of transfer of jurisdiction.  The Governor shall transmit said notice together with his comments and recommendations, if any, and the comments and recommendations of the Attorney General, if any, to the next session of the Legislature which shall be constitutionally competent to consider the same. Unless prior to the expiration of the legislative session to which said notice is transmitted as provided, the Legislature has adopted an Act approving the transfer of legislative jurisdiction as proposed in said notice, the said transfer shall not be effective.
3. Recordation.  The Governor shall cause a duly authenticated copy of the notice and Act to be recorded in the registry of deeds of the county where the land or other area affected by the transfer of jurisdiction is situated, and upon such recordation the transfer of jurisdiction shall take effect. If the land or other area shall be situated in more than one county, a duly authenticated copy of the notice and Act shall be recorded in the registry of deeds of each such county.
4. Filing. 
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