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128th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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HP 91
LD #

An Act To Recodify and Revise the Maine Probate Code

Documents and DispositionLD 123, HP 91Text
LD 123
HP 91
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Fiscal Status
Not Yet Determined

Adopted Amendments C-A (H-762)
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionEnacted, Apr 20, 2018
Governor's Action: Signed, Apr 20, 2018

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 402
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 123Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-762)
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No Fiscal Impact
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Judiciary on Jan 19, 2017.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Apr 12, 2018, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Apr 12, 2018, Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
Apr 19, 2017Work Session HeldTABLED
Apr 20, 2017Carry Over Requested 
Aug 2, 2017Carry Over Approved 
Apr 2, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Apr 4, 2018Work Session HeldTABLED
Apr 5, 2018Work Session Held 
Apr 5, 2018VotedOTP-AM
Apr 12, 2018Reported OutOTP-AM

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
18-C5-118  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-404  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-103  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-705  RPPublic Law402
224005-E1 AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-201  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-807  RPPublic Law402
153211 AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-208  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-932  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-421  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-508  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-514  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-815  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-431  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-103  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-721  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-603  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-206  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-411  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-1101  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-401  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-606  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-609  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-414  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-307  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-302  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-104  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-810  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-114  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1008  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-C4-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-816  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-522  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-501  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-1001  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-610  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-113  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-611  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-103  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-615  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-511  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-304  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-1007  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-420  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-101  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-404  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-805  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-419  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-704  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-206  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-104  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-304  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-505  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-414  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-915  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-732  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-709  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-C4-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-606  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-505  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-406  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-121  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-909  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-802  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-305  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-126  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-923  NEWPublic Law402
137326 AMDPublic Law402
18-C9-305  NEWPublic Law402
4253  AMDPublic Law402
512004-I73-B AMDPublic Law402
18-C4-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-714  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-610  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-107  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-803  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-911  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-214  NEWPublic Law402
18-A4-206  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-614  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-612  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-213  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-308  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-108  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-715  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-525  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-817  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-315  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-919  NEWPublic Law402
2251062E AMDPublic Law402
28-A25082 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-603  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-508  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-709  NEWPublic Law402
329410-A1J AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-706  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-703  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1004  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-806  RPPublic Law402
18-C4-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-605  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-802  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-405  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-504  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-403  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-616  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-310  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-1007  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-504  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-906  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-902  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-906  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-127  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-816  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-903  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-203  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-962  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-801  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-212  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-918  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-452  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-105  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-309  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-308  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-102  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-102  RPPublic Law402
18-C4-205  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-225  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-114  NEWPublic Law402
2240311D AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-411  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-766  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-309  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-310  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-106  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-511  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-428  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-401  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-427  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-418  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-605  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-403  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-606  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-602  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-503  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-802  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-410  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-125  NEWPublic Law402
33112  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-307  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-809  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-111  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-607  RPPublic Law402
5170552 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C4-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-942  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-210  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-204  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-413  NEWPublic Law402
3316691 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-916  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-624  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-511  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-204  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-907  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-111  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-602  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-304  NEWPublic Law402
415512 AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-303  RPPublic Law402
33113  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-772  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-101  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-915  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-306  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-922  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-816  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-944  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-302  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-302  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-814  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-417  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-748  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-763  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-110  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-213  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-106  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-707  NEWPublic Law402
2240083G AMDPublic Law402
18-C7-450  NEWPublic Law402
33105  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-408  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-301  NEWPublic Law402
364641-D6 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-902  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-421  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-803  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-309  NEWPublic Law402
364641-C11 AMDPublic Law402
18-C8-211  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-430  NEWPublic Law402
2234812 AMDPublic Law402
48073I AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-422  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1204  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-807  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-314  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-202  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-910  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-317  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-312  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-806  RPPublic Law402
18-C4-207  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-414  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-910  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-305  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-425  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-419  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-309  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-107  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-208  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-901  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-406  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-448  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-603  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-212  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-504  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-912  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-410  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-603  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-112  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-449  NEWPublic Law402
18-C4-206  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-212  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-718  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-818  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-806  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-122  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-101  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-937  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-510  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-433  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-709  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-302  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-405  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-602  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-614  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-814  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-708  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-305  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-712  NEWPublic Law402
2241711A AMDPublic Law402
18-A4-101  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-408  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-710  NEWPublic Law402
3310216 AMDPublic Law402
18-A7-773  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-817  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-802  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-801  RPPublic Law402
2218262I AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-308  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-105  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-461  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-401  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-602  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-313  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-410  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-310  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-405  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-424  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-716  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-911  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-104  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-115  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-910  RPPublic Law402
22142-IF AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-803  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-931  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-307  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-101  RPPublic Law402
3294051-AF AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-701  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-123  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-607  RPPublic Law402
364641-D4 AMDPublic Law402
18-C1-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-221  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-608  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-117  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-604  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-628  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-408  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-106  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-305  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-805  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-205  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-305  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-528  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-623  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-311  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-101  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-101  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-943  NEWPublic Law402
41525-A AMDPublic Law402
18-C7-431  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-602  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-413  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-747  RPPublic Law402
33102  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-1205  RPPublic Law402
33114  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-901  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-905  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-403  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-815  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-432  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-104  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-605  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-410  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-916  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-505  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-939  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-210  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-805  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-406  NEWPublic Law402
18-A4-301  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-305  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1006  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-453  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-934  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-102  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-711  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-441  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-702  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-527  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-309  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-301  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-807  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-424  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-904  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-704  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-742  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-606  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-203  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-312  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-934  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-931  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-921  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-811  RPPublic Law402
5185534B AMDPublic Law402
18-C9-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-408  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-510  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-311  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-407  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-312  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-621  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-601  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-913  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-426  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-204  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-205  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-303  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-509  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-316  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-523  RPPublic Law402
224038-C2 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1102  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-110  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-914  NEWPublic Law402
223765  AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-430  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-201  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-513  RPPublic Law402
221711-G2 AMDPublic Law402
18-C7-466  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-307  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-913  NEWPublic Law402
17-A553-A1A AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-515  RPPublic Law402
18-C4-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-920  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-302  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-311  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-805  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-305  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-412  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-541  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-512  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-409  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-609  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-938  NEWPublic Law402
224051  AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-508  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-626  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-606  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-109  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-710  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-603  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-608  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-208  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-503  RPPublic Law402
2240561 AMDPublic Law402
18-C8-205  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-206  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-905  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-207  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-210  NEWPublic Law402
34-A3040-A4 AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-105  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-420  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-812  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-803  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-306  NEWPublic Law402
221711-B3D AMDPublic Law402
18-A6-109  RPPublic Law402
233655  AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-818  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-904  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-447  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-417  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-701  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-207  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-207  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-901  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-551  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-503  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-801  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-203  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-502  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-806  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-215  NEWPublic Law402
34-B38613A AMDPublic Law402
18-C6-226  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-302  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-711  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-112  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-201  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-514  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-109  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-301  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-111  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-105  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-609  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-301  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-403  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-917  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-110  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-415  NEWPublic Law402
2286216 AMDPublic Law402
18-A4-303  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-115  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-711  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-203  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-701  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-912  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-103  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-945  RPPublic Law402
19-A18021 AMDPublic Law402
18-A7-702  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-108  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-113  NEWPublic Law402
33104  RPPublic Law402
364641-C19 NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-917  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-809  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-602  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-804  NEWPublic Law402
5170551 AMDPublic Law402
18-A6-102  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-713  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-106  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-418  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-120  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-940  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-510  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-106  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-909  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-305  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-213  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-504  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-304  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-403  NEWPublic Law402
9-B42710 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-319  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-109  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1203  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-106  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-941  NEWPublic Law402
223482  AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-423  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-703  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-417  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-514  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-912  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-605  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-627  NEWPublic Law402
34-B50017 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-813  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-315  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-936  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-708  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-810  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-807  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-707  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-501  NEWPublic Law402
2240371 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-119  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-603  NEWPublic Law402
19-A9021J AMDPublic Law402
18-C9-314  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-801  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-612  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-714  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-746  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-612  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-401  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-614  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-301  RPPublic Law402
9-B4274B AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-205  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-951  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-206  NEWPublic Law402
24-A431314 AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-412  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-304  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-611  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-106  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-407  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-532  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-401  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-507  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-311  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-815  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-301  RPPublic Law402
34-B38621B AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-607  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-502  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-432  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-110  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-805  NEWPublic Law402
364079  AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-608  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-765  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-401  NEWPublic Law402
33118  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-923  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-922  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-206  NEWPublic Law402
35-A43923 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-114  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-743  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-310  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-406  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-201  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-804  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-804  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-113  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-314  RPPublic Law402
39-A104 1 AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-602  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-401  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-105  RPPublic Law402
331603-116 2 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1005  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-302  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-408  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-804  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-914  RPPublic Law402
16651  AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-308  RPPublic Law402
222843-A9 AMDPublic Law402
18-C4-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-505  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-720  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-503  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-904  RPPublic Law402
331602-103 2 AMDPublic Law402
18-A2-510  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-205  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-716  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-902  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-919  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-446  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-617  NEWPublic Law402
41204  AMDPublic Law402
9-B4272C AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-416  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-405  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-710  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-604  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-405  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-105  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-405  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-310  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-643  NEWPublic Law402
33106  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-412  RPPublic Law402
268751E AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1008  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-712  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-504  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-506  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-1205  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-752  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-315  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-402  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-510  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-611  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-916  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-554  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-207  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-111  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-804  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-602  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-102  RPPublic Law402
223173-E  AMDPublic Law402
18-A2-609  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-717  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-427  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-124  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-110  RPPublic Law402
415513 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-704  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-411  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-1204  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-205  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-818  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-306  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-812  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-204  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-506  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-416  NEWPublic Law402
364641-D6 AMDPublic Law402
18-A2-502  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-951  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-102  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-707  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-303  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-405  RPPublic Law402
221711-G7 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-701  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-801  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-524  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-703  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-908  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-706  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-911  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-102  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-906  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-103  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-631  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-608  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-601  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-108  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-307  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-632  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-308  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-308  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-943  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1003  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-908  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-701  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-801  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-609  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-207  NEWPublic Law402
2240083B AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-604  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-607  NEWPublic Law402
34-A3040-A1 AMDPublic Law402
48073S AMDPublic Law402
18-A7-762  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-501  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-208  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-814  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-902  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-719  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-808  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-603  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-813  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-817  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-501  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-713  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-205  NEWPublic Law402
334801 AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-606  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-613  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-932  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-913  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-410  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-306  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-703  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-402  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-118  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-209  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-745  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-907  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-309  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-809  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-415  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-608  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-209  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-511  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-911  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-211  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-947  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-204  NEWPublic Law402
222848 1 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-1201  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-422  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-601  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-423  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-502  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-110  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-605  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-909  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-113  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-310  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-201  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-302  NEWPublic Law402
224065  AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-914  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-803  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-110  RPPublic Law402
33103  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-442  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-936  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-113  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-607  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-1004  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-109  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-612  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-812  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-961  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-605  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-625  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-402  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-811  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-806  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-1101  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-425  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-312  NEWPublic Law402
364641-C20 AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-715  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-605  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-105  RPPublic Law402
33101  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-935  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-915  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-719  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-110  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-117  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-963  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-706  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-204  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-703  RPPublic Law402
22347210 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-702  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-211  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-618  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-542  RPPublic Law402
137325 AMDPublic Law402
18-C1-503  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-407  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-310  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-915  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-803  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-908  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-705  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-513  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-917  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-939  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-610  RPPublic Law402
33116  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-813  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-912  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-455  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-802  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-808  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-918  RPPublic Law402
9-B42713 AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-511  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-307  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C4-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-1203  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-942  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-604  NEWPublic Law402
18-A4-205  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-710  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-443  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-629  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-944  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-306  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-408  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-504  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-454  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-606  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-804  NEWPublic Law402
33101-A  RPPublic Law402
33117  NEWPublic Law402
2520031D AMDPublic Law402
18-C6-227  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-114  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-116  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-608  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-222  NEWPublic Law402
14332-AD AMDPublic Law402
18-A1-502  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-207  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-601  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-109  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-516  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-407  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-601  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-103  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-104  RPPublic Law402
9-B4732C AMDPublic Law402
18-A2-611  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-407  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-706  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-813  NEWPublic Law402
29-A1402-A5 AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-1001  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-451  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-412  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-902  NEWPublic Law402
364641-D7 NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-543  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-963  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-310  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-801  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-301  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-601  RPPublic Law402
5195074D AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-212  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-310-A  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-205  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-302  NEWPublic Law402
321620212 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-916  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-108  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-913  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-903  RPPublic Law402
415541 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-935  NEWPublic Law402
9-B4274A AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-305  RPPublic Law402
9-B4761D AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-201  NEWPublic Law402
34-A1214-A3 AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-613  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-313  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-223  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-444  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-801  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-201  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-705  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-903  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-604  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-613  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-808  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-106  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-472  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-107  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-503  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-1102  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-202  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-901  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-503  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-802  NEWPublic Law402
22142-IB AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-526  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-507  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-909  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-803  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-211  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-610  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-805  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-906  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-501  NEWPublic Law402
22347212 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-313  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-906  RPPublic Law402
34-B38316 AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-641  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-722  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-406  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-308  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1201  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-811  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-303  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-764  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-415  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-406  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-302  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-111  NEWPublic Law402
19-A2002  AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-311  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-201  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-507  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-314  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-310  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-961  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-307  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-619  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1005  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-304  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-203  NEWPublic Law402
184163-A  AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-708  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-501  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-101  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-106  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-421  NEWPublic Law402
35-A43915 AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1002  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-306  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-754  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-905  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-111  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-805  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-755  RPPublic Law402
17-A553-A1B AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-804  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-304  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-465  NEWPublic Law402
221711-C1A AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-210  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-802  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-907  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-311  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-817  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-403  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-309  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-506  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-601  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-701  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-964  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-109  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-311  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-422  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-306  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-920  NEWPublic Law402
19-A7013 AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-802  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-803  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-602  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-509  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-705  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-112  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-508  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-309  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-309  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-504  RPPublic Law402
3704  AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-107  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-805  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-313  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-407  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-604  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-712  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-409  NEWPublic Law402
36606  AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-604  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-414  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-607  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-428  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-209  NEWPublic Law402
30-A1831 AMDPublic Law402
18-A2-402  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-414  NEWPublic Law402
35-A43551 AMDPublic Law402
18-A9-308  RPPublic Law402
251542-A3H AMDPublic Law402
18-C1-103  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-413  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-505  RPPublic Law402
224038-E11A AMDPublic Law402
18-A7-774  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-908  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-516  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-604  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-701  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-302  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-910  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-103  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-224  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-642  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-471  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-202  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-708  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-310  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-910  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-308  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-721  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-418  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-912  RPPublic Law402
13-C15012L AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-704  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-311  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-744  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-116  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-946  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-914  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-753  RPPublic Law402
224038-B4A AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-429  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-506  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-420  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-102  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-904  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1002  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-619  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-107  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-911  NEWPublic Law402
364641-C21 NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-810  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-901  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-946  RPPublic Law402
24-A22081A AMDPublic Law402
19-A18512 AMDPublic Law402
2227651-AA AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-947  RPPublic Law402
29-A1403  AMDPublic Law402
18-C3-1003  NEWPublic Law402
33111  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-749  RPPublic Law402
415551 AMDPublic Law402
18-A9-104  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-515  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-312  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-112  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-502  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-751  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-412  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-107  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-908  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-409  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-408-A  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-108  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-214  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-307  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-462  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-704  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-305  NEWPublic Law402
33115  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-303  RPPublic Law402
224038-A  AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-303  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-426  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-809  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-404  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-401  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-622  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-421  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-531  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-909  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-403  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-101  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-606  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-106  NEWPublic Law402
29-A1402-A4E AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-109  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-214  NEWPublic Law402
364118  AMDPublic Law402
18-A7-502  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-815  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-721  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-505  NEWPublic Law402
34-B50014B AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-711  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-717  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-901  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-429  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-315  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-307  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-915  RPPublic Law402
224038-E7A AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-921  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-104  RPPublic Law402
18-C4-201  NEWPublic Law402
221711-G3 AMDPublic Law402
18-C1-502  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-933  RPPublic Law402
2234831 AMDPublic Law402
18-C1-507  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-509  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-807  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-615  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-306  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-962  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-707  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-806  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-306  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-105  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-511  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-211  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-304  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-907  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-107  RPPublic Law402
18-A4-401  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-110  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-810  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-507  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-905  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-413  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-111  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-445  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-503  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-109  NEWPublic Law402
9-B4278B AMDPublic Law402
18-C6-308  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-413  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-416  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-105  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-1006  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-419  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-306  RPPublic Law402
3813621-DA AMDPublic Law402
18-C6-301  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-307  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-309  RPPublic Law402
18-A9-106  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-607  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-933  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-463  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-940  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-618  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-902  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-517  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-508  NEWPublic Law402
2240551A AMDPublic Law402
18-A3-616  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-505  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-201  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-213  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-553  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-106  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-310  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-110  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-512  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-720  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-203  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-202  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-601  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-303  RPPublic Law402
18-C8-212  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-814  RPPublic Law402
251542-A1I AMDPublic Law402
18-A8-311  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-741  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-706  NEWPublic Law402
18-A6-308  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-905  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-804  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-509  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-409  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-945  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-204  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-771  RPPublic Law402
18-A2-509  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-404  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-529  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-701  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-318  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-709  NEWPublic Law402
18-C2-209  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-112  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-506  NEWPublic Law402
18-C9-109  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-713  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-1202  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-102  NEWPublic Law402
5179534B AMDPublic Law402
2234732C AMDPublic Law402
18-A8-313  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-808  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-904  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-409  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-521  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-907  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-309  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-402  NEWPublic Law402
18-A7-761  RPPublic Law402
18-A8-111  RPPublic Law402
18-C9-202  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-104  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-113  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-304  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-937  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-306  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-404  RPPublic Law402
18-C6-304  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-811  NEWPublic Law402
18-C7-464  NEWPublic Law402
21-A6012B-1 AMDPublic Law402
18-A5-941  RPPublic Law402
18-A6-301  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-513  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-702  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-913  RPPublic Law402
18-C1-603  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-109  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-304  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-916  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-903  RPPublic Law402
146303  AMDPublic Law402
148104-C  AMDPublic Law402
18-C5-816  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-812  NEWPublic Law402
18-C8-203  NEWPublic Law402
18-C1-307  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-718  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-112  NEWPublic Law402
18-A8-112  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-702  RPPublic Law402
2227651A AMDPublic Law402
18-A9-108  RPPublic Law402
18-A1-601  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-108  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-605  NEWPublic Law402
415571 AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-603  NEWPublic Law402
18-A2-512  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-750  RPPublic Law402
18-A3-617  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-731  RPPublic Law402
18-C7-405  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-552  RPPublic Law402
18-C2-206  NEWPublic Law402
18-A1-501  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-914  NEWPublic Law402
18-C6-411  NEWPublic Law402
18-C5-411  NEWPublic Law402
18-A3-402  RPPublic Law402
18-A7-733  RPPublic Law402
18-C3-501  NEWPublic Law402
18-C3-903  NEWPublic Law402
18-A9-202  RPPublic Law402
18-A5-431  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-705  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-938  RPPublic Law402
18-C5-312  NEWPublic Law402
18-A5-528  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-812  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-117  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-428  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-226  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-508  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-102  AFFPublic Law402
33114  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-712  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-905  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-713  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-212  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-208  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-718  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-609  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-811  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-506  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-313  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-706  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-707  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-203  AFFPublic Law402
33113  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-465  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-509  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-919  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-449  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-506  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-613  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-709  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-409  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-225  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-114  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-910  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-922  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-703  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-618  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-731  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-551  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-916  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-915  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-622  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-609  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-909  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-506  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-115  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-818  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-116  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-765  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-818  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-702  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-310-A  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-455  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-215  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-212  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-749  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-905  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-421  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-127  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-817  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-905  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-811  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-711  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-754  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-705  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-433  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-733  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-946  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1001  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-918  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-420  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-742  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-947  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-114  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-713  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-944  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-227  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-912  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-115  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-932  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-912  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-718  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-412  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-431  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-419  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-610  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-813  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-745  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-413  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-212  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-512  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-521  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-961  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1007  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-610  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-963  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-816  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-617  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-609  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-963  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-936  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-619  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-722  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-411  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-908  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-317  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-702  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-424  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-211  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-940  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-816  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-118  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-931  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-702  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-524  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1004  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-429  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-713  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-945  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-509  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-704  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-510  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-506  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-428  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-409  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-614  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-617  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-315  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-914  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-615  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-425  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-315  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1006  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-903  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-509  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-531  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-942  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-807  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-610  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-421  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-939  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-815  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-743  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-543  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-808  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-812  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-443  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-904  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-904  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-411  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-712  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-553  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-915  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1003  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-944  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-316  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-763  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-812  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-932  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-712  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-813  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-412  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-941  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-721  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-420  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-418  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-410  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-209  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-920  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-711  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-815  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-414  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-210  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-431  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-709  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-529  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-313  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-921  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-411  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-213  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-214  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-516  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-516  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-410  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-415  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-918  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-810  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1003  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-441  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-410  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-509  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-510  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-125  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-911  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-508  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-766  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-810  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-913  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-906  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-716  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-771  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-911  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-710  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-755  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-314  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-429  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-318  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-946  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-313  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-807  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-707  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-708  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-414  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-709  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-913  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-810  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-813  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-711  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-461  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-404  AFFPublic Law402
33118  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-616  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-911  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-412  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-315  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-613  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-223  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-810  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-703  AFFPublic Law402
364641-D7 AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-906  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-209  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-714  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-554  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-421  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-631  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-703  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-206  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-209  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-427  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-208  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1005  AFFPublic Law402
364641-C21 AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-708  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1008  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-912  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1008  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-420  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-211  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-943  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-301  AFFPublic Law402
364641-C19 AMDPublic Law402
18-C2-507  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-612  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-715  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-914  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-416  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-704  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-523  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-961  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-207  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-609  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-510  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-444  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-706  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-408  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-808  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-906  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-446  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-114  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-721  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-463  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-913  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-808  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-610  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-720  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-423  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-472  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-319  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-126  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-418  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1004  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-744  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-752  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-951  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-413  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-704  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-621  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-208  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-905  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-917  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-938  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-614  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-811  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-211  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-706  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-910  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-314  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-811  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-522  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-943  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-512  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-627  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-772  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-809  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-935  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-515  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-702  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-212  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-210  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-422  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-615  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-120  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-747  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-305  AFFPublic Law402
33116  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-413  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-525  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-962  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-707  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-509  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-122  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-508  AFFPublic Law402
33111  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-314  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-762  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-413  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-418  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-414  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-707  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-611  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-814  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-124  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-912  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-933  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-527  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-213  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-427  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-905  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-542  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-611  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-812  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-705  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-417  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-773  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-938  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-741  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-426  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-514  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-919  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-706  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-451  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-416  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-224  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-933  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-415  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-447  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1007  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-611  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-964  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1205  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-908  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-206  AFFPublic Law402
33115  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-609  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-212  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-462  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-623  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-430  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-221  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-425  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-702  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-915  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-310  AFFPublic Law402
33112  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-410  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-454  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-612  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-430  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-941  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-314  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-315  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-313  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-908  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-706  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-213  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-424  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-750  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-909  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-809  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-817  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-422  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-629  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1002  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-908  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-708  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-432  AFFPublic Law402
33117  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-951  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-210  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-717  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-774  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-423  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-916  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-632  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-445  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-508  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-911  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-612  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-417  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-426  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-626  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-807  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-911  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-618  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-642  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1001  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-915  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-907  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-416  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-746  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-409  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-471  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-619  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-541  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-910  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-507  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-906  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-818  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-412  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-910  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-923  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-710  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-409  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-421  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-808  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-464  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-817  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-935  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-815  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-761  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-705  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-412  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-643  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-614  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-764  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-809  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-448  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-903  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-705  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-104  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-404  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-703  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-413  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-512  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-708  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-807  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-815  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-719  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-313  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-603  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-701  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-934  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-907  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-910  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-507  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-121  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-210  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-903  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-913  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-947  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-907  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-703  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-945  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-612  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-205  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-915  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-112  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-211  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-409  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-442  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-903  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-923  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-907  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-604  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-432  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-807  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-213  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-916  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-507  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-914  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-114  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-628  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-123  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-625  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-307  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-814  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-532  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-411  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-710  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-453  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-704  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-118  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-914  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-720  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-719  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-903  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-616  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-607  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-308  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-201  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-116  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-920  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-431  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-415  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-466  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-419  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-613  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-813  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-450  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-937  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-408-A  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-641  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-909  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-506  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-517  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-715  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1202  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-732  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-817  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-748  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-816  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-514  AFFPublic Law402
18-A4-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-113  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-117  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-505  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-913  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-419  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-406  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-904  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-908  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-513  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-510  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-942  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-510  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-513  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-921  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-909  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-513  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-108  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-417  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-716  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-422  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-508  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-310  AFFPublic Law402
18-C4-203  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1005  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-552  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-515  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-211  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-311  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1006  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-917  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-709  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-907  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-939  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-410  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-804  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-208  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-214  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-940  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-937  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-301  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-110  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-962  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-914  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-714  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-305  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-916  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-312  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-511  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-608  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1002  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-753  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-931  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-306  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-809  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-503  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-501  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-605  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-717  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-814  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-402  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-119  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-909  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-705  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-502  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-904  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-816  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-403  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-304  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-917  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-904  AFFPublic Law402
18-A9-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-504  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-414  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-806  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-602  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-611  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-405  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-912  AFFPublic Law402
18-A7-751  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C7-452  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-934  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-805  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-407  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-514  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-222  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-906  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-624  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-106  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-814  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-704  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-802  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-103  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-107  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-214  AFFPublic Law402
18-C6-309  AFFPublic Law402
18-C9-109  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-916  AFFPublic Law402
18-C8-102  AFFPublic Law402
18-C1-111  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-401  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-902  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-721  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-922  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-606  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-101  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-801  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-507  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-204  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-936  AFFPublic Law402
18-A1-105  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-526  AFFPublic Law402
18-A2-601  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-411  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-711  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-803  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-209  AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-303  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-901  AFFPublic Law402
18-C3-1204  AFFPublic Law402
18-A6-302  AFFPublic Law402
18-C5-414  AFFPublic Law402
18-C2-710  AFFPublic Law402
18-A3-1102  AFFPublic Law402
18-A8-311  AFFPublic Law402
512004-I73-B AFFPublic Law402
33106  AFFPublic Law402
329410-A1J AFFPublic Law402
364079  AFFPublic Law402
331603-116 2 AFFPublic Law402
34-A1214-A3 AFFPublic Law402
2227651-AA AFFPublic Law402
251542-A1I AFFPublic Law402
224065  AFFPublic Law402
364641-C19 AFFPublic Law402
2218262I AFFPublic Law402
224038-E11A AFFPublic Law402
415513 AFFPublic Law402
233655  AFFPublic Law402
34-B38613A AFFPublic Law402
22347210 AFFPublic Law402
2240083B AFFPublic Law402
222843-A9 AFFPublic Law402
321620212 AFFPublic Law402
221711-G3 AFFPublic Law402
251542-A3H AFFPublic Law402
224038-E7A AFFPublic Law402
2520031D AFFPublic Law402
13-C15012L AFFPublic Law402
34-A3040-A4 AFFPublic Law402
17-A553-A1B AFFPublic Law402
21-A6012B-1 AFFPublic Law402
41204  AFFPublic Law402
33101  AFFPublic Law402
24-A431314 AFFPublic Law402
22142-IF AFFPublic Law402
9-B4732C AFFPublic Law402
33101-A  AFFPublic Law402
415541 AFFPublic Law402
19-A18512 AFFPublic Law402
184163-A  AFFPublic Law402
48073S AFFPublic Law402
9-B4761D AFFPublic Law402
2234831 AFFPublic Law402
9-B4274A AFFPublic Law402
3310216 AFFPublic Law402
334801 AFFPublic Law402
35-A43551 AFFPublic Law402
3813621-DA AFFPublic Law402
221711-C1A AFFPublic Law402
48073I AFFPublic Law402
153211 AFFPublic Law402
364641-D4 AFFPublic Law402
22347212 AFFPublic Law402
221711-B3D AFFPublic Law402
222848 1 AFFPublic Law402
221711-G2 AFFPublic Law402
19-A18021 AFFPublic Law402
364641-C11 AFFPublic Law402
3316691 AFFPublic Law402
19-A2002  AFFPublic Law402
33102  AFFPublic Law402
364641-C20 AFFPublic Law402
14332-AD AFFPublic Law402
29-A1403  AFFPublic Law402
2286216 AFFPublic Law402
223482  AFFPublic Law402
16651  AFFPublic Law402
224038-A  AFFPublic Law402
34-B50017 AFFPublic Law402
5195074D AFFPublic Law402
224038-B4A AFFPublic Law402
415551 AFFPublic Law402
5185534B AFFPublic Law402
3294051-AF AFFPublic Law402
2240371 AFFPublic Law402
224038-C2 AFFPublic Law402
30-A1831 AFFPublic Law402
2240311D AFFPublic Law402
2234812 AFFPublic Law402
331602-103 2 AFFPublic Law402
24-A22081A AFFPublic Law402
224005-E1 AFFPublic Law402
35-A43915 AFFPublic Law402
29-A1402-A5 AFFPublic Law402
9-B4278B AFFPublic Law402
29-A1402-A4E AFFPublic Law402
2251062E AFFPublic Law402
268751E AFFPublic Law402
2241711A AFFPublic Law402
2240083G AFFPublic Law402
36606  AFFPublic Law402
2240561 AFFPublic Law402
39-A104 1 AFFPublic Law402
34-B38316 AFFPublic Law402
148104-C  AFFPublic Law402
223765  AFFPublic Law402
34-B38621B AFFPublic Law402
223173-E  AFFPublic Law402
9-B4274B AFFPublic Law402
35-A43923 AFFPublic Law402
415512 AFFPublic Law402
28-A25082 AFFPublic Law402
9-B4272C AFFPublic Law402
19-A9021J AFFPublic Law402
3704  AFFPublic Law402
146303  AFFPublic Law402
2240551A AFFPublic Law402
221711-G7 AFFPublic Law402
364641-D6 AFFPublic Law402
9-B42710 AFFPublic Law402
415571 AFFPublic Law402
33104  AFFPublic Law402
19-A7013 AFFPublic Law402
4253  AFFPublic Law402
2227651A AFFPublic Law402
34-A3040-A1 AFFPublic Law402
5170551 AFFPublic Law402
137325 AFFPublic Law402
5170552 AFFPublic Law402
33105  AFFPublic Law402
2234732C AFFPublic Law402
41525-A AFFPublic Law402
364118  AFFPublic Law402
9-B42713 AFFPublic Law402
224051  AFFPublic Law402
137326 AFFPublic Law402
34-B50014B AFFPublic Law402
33103  AFFPublic Law402
22142-IB AFFPublic Law402
17-A553-A1A AFFPublic Law402
5179534B AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-5160-a AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-5160-b AFFPublic Law402
18-A5-5160-c AFFPublic Law402