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Item 1

Charter schools must meet the goals of the system of learning
results established in section 6209 and applicable provisions of
the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, 20 United States
Code, Chapter 70.__Although independent in governance, charter
schools are public schools and may work in cooperation with public
schools to improve student achievement and to help students meet
the goals of the system of learning results through flexible
program design, involvement of parents and teachers based on their
choice to participate in new learning communities, and varied
approaches to instruction and organization.__Charter school
programs may be focused on certain grade levels, themes, student
learning styles or instructional approaches to assist students who
have a variety of learning needs.__A charter school program may
include, among other approaches, career preparation, alternative
approaches for nontraditional learners, intensive programs for
disadvantaged children, early childhood development, arts-based,
multicultural and multilingual approaches, personalized learning
approaches, mentoring, service-learning and teacher training
opportunities.__Charter schools may provide alternative public
school options for children in so-called priority schools in
accordance with provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act
of 2001, 20 United States Code, Chapter 70.

2412.__Organizers; eligibility for application

The following entities, referred to in this chapter as
"organizers," may apply for charter school status.

1.__Existing schools.__An existing public school may apply to
become a charter school if 60% or more of the full-time teachers
and administrators of that public school and 60% or more of the
parents of children in that public school vote to apply for
charter school status.__If a local school board acting as a
chartering authority approves the request of parents and teachers
to convert an existing public school to a charter school, and the
school to be converted is the only public school option for
students in that school administrative unit, the conversion must
be approved by voters in that school administrative unit.

2.__New schools.__An application for a new charter school may
be proposed by a school board, by a nonprofit, nonsectarian
organization or by a group of 10 or more citizens.__An existing
nonprofit, nonsectarian school may apply to eligible chartering
authorities under section 2413 to become a charter school.

2413.__Chartering authorities

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