Submission Guidelines

Use this form to submit written testimony to the committee or sign up to testify live before a committee at a public hearing or confirmation hearing.

If you are signing up to testify on multiple bills or nominees, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom meeting for each one. It is the same link for all bills or nominees in that meeting. You will only join once.

Ensure that you register with the SAME name you will use to join the Zoom meeting so that we may identify you.

If you are signing up to testify live, you do not have to submit written testimony.

You may upload a file containing your testimony, enter your testimony in the textbox below, or both.

Text entered in the textbox will appear completely unformatted to recipients. To avoid losing your work if the page is accidentally refreshed, we recommend composing your submission in a basic text editor (such as Notepad) then copying and pasting the text into the textbox.

You may submit testimony or sign up to testify on multiple bills but must do it one at a time.

If you wish to submit more than one file, you will need to complete and submit this form once for each file.

The file to be uploaded must be in Word (.doc or .docx), PDF or plain text (.txt) format. If you would like to submit an Excel spreadsheet we recommend using Excel's built-in print as PDF function to create a PDF document which you can then upload.

Any included copyrighted material will not be published.