Laws of Maine

123rd Maine Legislature

First Regular Session

Public Laws, Chapters 51 - 100

Chapter 51

An Act To Amend Certain Requirements Applicable to Insurance Producers

Chapter 52

An Act To Promote Green Power Use at State Buildings

Chapter 53

An Act To Protect Seniors and the Public from Unfair Health Insurance Sales Practices

Chapter 54

An Act To Amend the Shellfish Laws

Chapter 55

An Act To Clarify What Constitutes a Schedule W Drug

Chapter 56

An Act To Allow Physician Assistants To Sign Death Certificates

Chapter 57

An Act To Allow Apartment Building Owners To Prevent Damage to Property in the Installation of Over-the-air Reception Devices

Chapter 58

An Act To Change the Name of the Maine State Retirement System

Chapter 59

An Act To Increase the Bonding Capacity of the Maine Turnpike Authority

Chapter 60

An Act To Make Failure To Wear a Seat Belt a Primary Offense

Chapter 61

An Act To Remove the Sunset on the Exemption of Internet Services from Auctioneer Licensure Requirements

Chapter 62

An Act To Allow Funeral Processions To Use Certain Lights

Chapter 63

An Act To Strengthen OUI Laws As They Pertain to Drugs

Chapter 64

An Act To Include Undeveloped Archeological Sites in the Acquisition Criteria for the Land for Maine's Future Fund

Chapter 65

An Act To Protect and Improve Lake Water Quality by Reducing Phosphorus in Lawn Care Fertilizer

Chapter 66

An Act To Promote Municipal Energy Conservation

Chapter 67

An Act To Update and Clarify Laws Relating to Maine's Community Colleges

Chapter 68

An Act To Create Fairness in E-9-1-1 Funding

Chapter 69

An Act To Amend the Banking Laws Regarding the Establishment of Branches by Financial Institutions with Affiliates That Engage in Commercial Activity

Chapter 70

An Act To Allow Military Personnel Stationed in Maine To Register All-terrain Vehicles As Residents

Chapter 71

An Act To Provide Medically Necessary Speech Therapy Services

Chapter 72

An Act To Expand the Definition of Health Care Facility under the Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority Act

Chapter 73

An Act To Establish Emergency Response to Illegal Introductions of Invasive Fish Species

Chapter 74

An Act To Clarify the Use of Insurance Scores

Chapter 75

An Act To Clarify the Security Requirements for Self-insurers

Chapter 76

An Act To Establish an Airport Managers Training Program

Chapter 77

An Act To Clarify Recent Changes to the Laws Regulating Land Use Ordinances

Chapter 78

An Act Regarding Final Agency Action Subject to Appeal Pursuant to the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992

Chapter 79

An Act To Make Technical and Supervisory Amendments to the Banking Laws

Chapter 80

An Act To Authorize the Use of the Department of Health and Human Services Staff as Hearing Officers

Chapter 81

An Act To Effect the Seizure and Disposal of Contraband Fireworks

Chapter 82

An Act To Clarify Certain Laws Related to Fire Safety

Chapter 83

An Act To Allow the Reimbursement of Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes in Certain Cases

Chapter 84

An Act To Allow Schools in the State To Self-insure for Fire, Property and Theft Insurance

Chapter 85

An Act To Allow a Self-pay Patient To Choose between Generic and Brand-name Medications

Chapter 86

An Act To Amend the Laws Dealing with the Posting of Gas Prices

Chapter 87

An Act Regarding the Protection and Advocacy Agency Advisory Council

Chapter 88

An Act To Clarify That a Financial Institution Must Recognize a Writ of Execution To Satisfy a Creditor’s Claims to Business Accounts Held by That Financial Institution

Chapter 89

An Act Regarding Notice That Must Be Provided by a Psychiatric Facility Concerning Certain Patients

Chapter 90

An Act To Require a Model Radon Standard for New Residential Construction

Chapter 91

An Act Relating to Alternate Directors for Public Waste Disposal Corporations

Chapter 92

An Act To Require the Replacement of Trees Cut in Shoreland Areas

Chapter 93

An Act To Improve Access to HIV Testing in Health Care Settings

Chapter 94

An Act To Postpone the Expiration of the Required Nonhospital Expenditures Component in the Capital Investment Fund

Chapter 95

An Act To Require the Department of Environmental Protection To Meet the Federal Requirements on Regional Haze Visibility Impairment

Chapter 96

An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Juveniles

Chapter 97

An Act To Provide an Energy Allowance to At-home Patients Using Ventilators

Chapter 98

An Act To Permit the Sale of Certain Used Mercury-added Products

Chapter 99

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Credit Card Companies

Chapter 100

An Act Regarding the Terms of Members of the Maine State Museum Commission


Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333