Laws of Maine

123rd Maine Legislature

First Regular Session

Public Laws, Chapters 351 - 400

Chapter 351

An Act To Prevent Disclosure of Certain Identifying Information in Child Protective and Other Court Proceedings

Chapter 352

An Act To Create the Competitive Skills Scholarship Fund and To Improve Maine Employment Security Programs

Parts: A B C D

Chapter 353

An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Drinking Water Program Regarding Public Water Supply Protection

Chapter 354

An Act To Include Institutions Providing an Educational Program among Entities Eligible To Borrow from the Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority

Chapter 355

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group Studying Mold in Buildings

Chapter 356

An Act To Clarify and Affirm the Scope of Services Available to Persons with Mental Retardation or Autism

Chapter 357

An Act To Clarify Worker Payment for Clothing and Equipment

Chapter 358

An Act Regarding Local Plumbing Inspectors

Chapter 359

An Act To Enhance Enforcement of Public Health Measures

Chapter 360

An Act To Amend the Labor Laws Regarding Automobile Dealerships

Chapter 361

An Act To Amend Survivors' Benefits under the Workers' Compensation Laws

Chapter 362

An Act To Prohibit the Sale or Distribution of Software That Contains Inappropriate Advertising of Prescription Drugs

Chapter 363

An Act To Define �€œLivable Wage�€

Chapter 364

An Act To Protect the Scenic Value of the Kennebec River

Chapter 365

An Act To Improve Child Support Services

Chapter 366

An Act To Limit the Liability of Organized Clubs

Chapter 367

An Act To Clarify the Use of Tips in Payment of Service Employees

Chapter 368

An Act To Establish a Fund To Provide American Flags at Veterans' Graves

Chapter 369

An Act To Create the Board of Speech-language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dealing and Fitting

Parts: A B C D

Chapter 370

An Act To Permit the Use of Surety Bonds in Lieu of Security Deposits

Chapter 371

An Act To Amend the Child and Family Services and Child Protection Act

Chapter 372

An Act To Make BETR Better

Chapter 373

An Act To Require the Reporting of Executive Branch Lobbying

Chapter 374

An Act To Protect Community Safety by Amending Maine's Bail Code

Chapter 375

An Act To Extend Eligibility for the Trade-in Credit to All Trailers

Chapter 376

An Act To Establish a Special Veterans License Plate for Motorcycles

Chapter 377

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Corrections Alternatives Advisory Committee

Chapter 378

An Act To Make Changes in the Laws Regarding Raffles

Chapter 379

An Act To Expand Exemptions from Licensing Laws for Professional Engineers

Chapter 380

An Act To Clarify the Laws Regarding Physicians

Chapter 381

An Act To Allow the State Timely Opportunity To Participate in Settlement Negotiations for MaineCare Benefits

Chapter 382

An Act To Facilitate the Reporting of the Crime of Acquiring Drugs by Deception

Chapter 383

An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws

Chapter 384

An Act To Modernize Maine's Accountancy Laws

Chapter 385

An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Physical or Mental Disability" in the Maine Human Rights Act

Chapter 386

An Act Related to Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles

Chapter 387

An Act To Prevent Additional Housing Charges for Persons Requiring In-home Care

Chapter 388

An Act To Assist Maine Military Families

Chapter 389

An Act Regarding the Valuation of Land within Buffer Areas Established under the Natural Resources Protection Laws

Chapter 390

An Act To Amend the Licensing of Landscape Architects

Chapter 391

An Act To Repeal Strict Foreclosure

Chapter 392

An Act To Amend the Oil and Solid Fuel Board and Propane and Natural Gas Board Licensing Laws

Chapter 393

An Act To Prohibit Unauthorized Contact of Persons Convicted of Sex Offenses against Persons under 14 Years of Age with Persons under 14 Years of Age

Chapter 394

An Act To Regulate Presettlement Lawsuit Funding

Chapter 395

An Act To Repeal Inactive Boards and Commissions

Chapter 396

An Act To Clarify the Authority of Boards and Committees

Chapter 397

An Act Regarding the Central Voter Registration System

Chapter 398

An Act To Provide Parity in the Laws Regarding Licensing of Electricians

Chapter 399

An Act Concerning the Sustainable Use of and Planning for Water Resources

Chapter 400

An Act To Improve Road Safety and Update Bicycling Laws

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