Laws of Maine

123rd Maine Legislature

First Regular Session

Public Laws, Chapters 301 - 350

Chapter 301

An Act To Support Farms and Limit Sprawl

Chapter 302

An Act To Fund Pesticide Education in the State

Chapter 303

An Act To Allow Certain Special Education Teachers To Acquire Time from the Maine State Retirement System

Chapter 304

An Act To Amend Truancy Laws Regarding Parent Involvement

Chapter 305

An Act Permitting Substitute Teachers To Opt Out of the Maine State Retirement System

Chapter 306

An Act To Amend Certain Laws Affecting Transportation

Chapter 307

An Act To Enhance Special Education

Chapter 308

An Act Regarding the Reporting Requirements of Conservators

Chapter 309

An Act To Clarify the Definition of Autism

Chapter 310

An Act To Permit Mental Health Professionals To Disclose Risks to People Likely To Be Harmed by a Patient

Chapter 311

An Act To Reimburse MaineCare in Certain Workers' Compensation Cases

Chapter 312

An Act To Enhance the Workers' Compensation Board Advocate Program

Chapter 313

An Act To Use the Date of Injury To Calculate the Average Weekly Wage in Occupational Disease Cases

Chapter 314

An Act To Prevent Duplication in Certification of Hospitals

Chapter 315

An Act To Protect Owners and Occupiers of Homes from Civil Liability

Chapter 316

An Act To Grant Supervisory Privileges to Supervising Nurse Practitioners

Chapter 317

An Act To Establish the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act of 2007

Chapter 318

An Act To Protect the Lives and Health of Members of the Maine National Guard

Chapter 319

An Act To Clarify Involuntary Admissions for Psychiatric Hospitalizations

Chapter 320

An Act Regarding Residential Care Facilities for Children

Chapter 321

An Act To Promote County-based Economic and Community Development

Chapter 322

An Act To Improve the Process for Adjustment for Sudden and Severe Disruption of Valuation

Chapter 323

An Act To Enact the Model Registered Agents Act and Amend Entity Acts To Rationalize Annual Filings

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Chapter 324

An Act To Amend Licensing and Certification Requirements

Chapter 325

An Act To Make Circuitbreaker Program Benefits Proportional If a Resident Moves

Chapter 326

An Act To Reduce Foreclosures

Chapter 327

An Act To Establish a Prescription Drug Academic Detailing Program

Chapter 328

An Act To Ensure Fairness for Maine Businesses

Chapter 329

An Act Making Unified Highway Fund and Other Funds Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2007, June 30, 2008 and June 30, 2009

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Chapter 330

An Act To Designate May 1st of Each Year as Cold War Victory Day

Chapter 331

An Act To Require Mapping of Conservation Easements and Public Lands

Chapter 332

An Act To Protect the Integrity of Security Deposits

Chapter 333

An Act To Establish Penalties for Violation of the Severance Pay Law

Chapter 334

An Act To Allow Civil Penalties for Trespass while Engaging in Activities Regulated by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Chapter 335

An Act To Clarify Confidentiality in Child Protective Proceedings

Chapter 336

An Act To Protect Household Pets and Other Animals from Poisoning

Chapter 337

An Act To Create a 10-year Statute of Limitations for Certain Environmental Violations

Chapter 338

An Act To Continue To Ensure the Long-term Capacity of Municipal Landfills

Chapter 339

An Act To Amend the Employment Practices Law Regarding Substance Abuse Testing of Temporary Workers

Chapter 340

An Act To Improve the Protection from Abuse Laws

Chapter 341

An Act To Reduce the Expense of Health Care Treatment and Protect the Health of Maine Citizens by Providing Early Screening, Detection and Prevention of Cancer

Chapter 342

An Act To Establish the Publicly Supported Private Secondary School Advisory Council

Chapter 343

An Act To Promote Recycling of Cellular Telephones

Chapter 344

An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Probation and Supervised Release for Sex Offenders and To Make Necessary Changes to the Maine Criminal Code

Chapter 345

An Act To Amend the Statute of Limitations for Actions against Professional Land Surveyors

Chapter 346

An Act To Reduce the Spread of Infectious Disease through Shared Hypodermic Apparatuses

Parts: A B

Chapter 347

An Act To Enact the Informed Growth Act

Chapter 348

An Act To Strengthen and Clarify Maine's Motor Vehicle Laws

Chapter 349

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee

Chapter 350

An Act Regarding Fairness for Families Regarding Workers' Compensation Coverage

Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333