Laws of Maine

123rd Maine Legislature

First Regular Session

Public Laws, Chapters 1 - 50

Chapter 1

An Act To Make Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2007

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Chapter 2

An Act Regarding the Certification of the Required Driving Time for a License for Certain Persons under 21 Years of Age

Chapter 3

An Act To Clarify the Confirmation Process of the Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency

Chapter 4

An Act To Make Supplemental Allocations from the Highway Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of State Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2007

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Chapter 5

An Act To Amend the Law Regarding a License To Operate an Attended or Unattended Sales Promotion

Chapter 6

An Act To List the Shortnose Sturgeon as a Marine Endangered Species

Chapter 7

An Act To Modify the Laws Regarding Garnishment of Wages

Chapter 8

An Act To Clarify the Use and Purpose of Center Turn Lanes

Chapter 9

An Act To Clarify the Process for Public Improvement Construction Contracts

Chapter 10

An Act To Clarify the Requirements for Temporary Licensure of Psychologists

Chapter 11

An Act To Allow a Newspaper Carrier To Use Flashing Amber Lights on That Carrier's Vehicle

Chapter 12

An Act To Amend the Authority of a Motor Vehicle Investigator

Chapter 13

An Act Regarding Penalties for Payments Made to the State That Are Rejected by a Financial Institution

Chapter 14

An Act To Update References to Federal Laws in the Maine Uniform Securities Act and To Make Other Technical Corrections to the Act

Chapter 15

An Act To Encourage Municipalities To Abate Coastal Pollution

Chapter 16

An Act To Ensure Proper Funding of the Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 17

An Act To Provide Reinstatement of Group Life Insurance for Public Employees Returning from Unpaid Military Leave

Chapter 18

An Act To Transfer the Administration of the Renewable Resource Fund from the State Planning Office to the Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 19

An Act To Allow the Municipal Clerk To Inspect Municipal Election Ballots

Chapter 20

An Act To Authorize the Bureau of Warden Service to Provide Assistance to Other Entities

Chapter 21

An Act To Designate the Arctic Charr as a State Heritage Fish

Chapter 22

An Act To Provide for Minimum Wage and Overtime Coverage for Certain Domestic Workers

Chapter 23

An Act To Correct an Inconsistency in Unemployment Insurance Tax Law

Chapter 24

An Act To More Clearly Define Maple Syrup

Chapter 25

An Act To Create the Endangered or Threatened Marine Species Fund

Chapter 26

An Act Regarding the Enforcement of Penalties under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992

Chapter 27

An Act To Establish Cancer Awareness Week and Lung Cancer Awareness Day

Chapter 28

An Act To Establish May 25th as Missing Persons Day

Chapter 29

An Act To Encourage the Use of Solar Energy

Chapter 30

An Act To Increase the Value of an Estate Collectible by Affidavit in Probate Law to $20,000

Chapter 31

An Act To Use Forfeited Bail Money for the Victims of an Offender

Chapter 32

An Act To Enhance Consumer Awareness of Insurance Sales Activity

Chapter 33

An Act To Provide Safe All-terrain Vehicle Access on Public Ways

Chapter 34

An Act To Allow Expense Reimbursement for the Commercial Fishing Safety Council

Chapter 35

An Act To Allow Plantations To Enact an Animal Control Ordinance

Chapter 36

An Act To Amend the Debt Management Services Laws

Chapter 37

An Act To Clarify Portions of the Laws Governing InforME

Chapter 38

An Act To Allow a Truck Driver To Haul a Trailer on a Highway If That Driver Has a Point-to-point Permit

Chapter 39

An Act To Authorize Bond Issues for Ratification by the Voters for the June and November 2007 Elections and the June 2008 Election and To Transfer Certain Funds

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Chapter 40

An Act To Require Prior Notice before Cancellation of a Life Insurance Policy for Nonpayment of Premiums

Chapter 41

An Act To Provide County Commissioners with an Enforcement Mechanism with Regard to Parking Ordinances

Chapter 42

An Act To Ensure Uniform Emergency Medical Dispatch Services in Maine

Chapter 43

An Act To Encourage Greater Public Input into the State Environmental Licensing Process

Chapter 44

An Act To Improve the Control and Prevention of Invasive Plant Infestations

Chapter 45

An Act Regarding the Authority of the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Issue Licenses to Beagle Clubs To Trap Snowshoe Hares

Chapter 46

An Act To Repeal the Laws Governing Long-term Foster Care

Chapter 47

An Act To Continue To Allow Public Retiree Organizations Access to the Maine State Retirement System's List of All State Retirees

Chapter 48

An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank Laws

Chapter 49

An Act To Clarify the Application of the Definition of "Tract or Parcel of Land" under the State Subdivision Laws

Chapter 50

An Act To Continue the Protection of Marine Waters and Organisms from the Risks Posed by the Applications of Pesticides


Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333