Laws of Maine

123rd Maine Legislature

First Regular Session

Public Laws, Chapters 101 - 150

Chapter 101

An Act To Restructure the Board of Commissioners of the Maine State Housing Authority To Closely Match Local Authorities

Chapter 102

An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Department of Corrections Facilities

Chapter 103

An Act To Amend the Civil Foreclosure Laws

Chapter 104

An Act Regarding Cable Television Service Outages

Chapter 105

An Act To Allow Municipal Cost Sharing for County Services

Chapter 106

An Act To Further Limit Retrospective Denials of Previously Paid Health Insurance Claims

Chapter 107

An Act Requiring the Development of Codes of Ethics by Component Units and Other Related Organizations of State Government

Chapter 108

An Act To Facilitate Reporting by Maine Financial Institutions of Elder Financial Exploitation

Chapter 109

An Act To Temporarily Reduce the Fee To Operate High-stakes Beano

Chapter 110

An Act To Amend the Laws Pertaining to Beano

Chapter 111

An Act To Amend and Improve the Education Laws Concerning Portable Space and Rule-making Authority

Chapter 112

An Act To Provide for Enforcement of Land Use Limitations Relating to Cemeteries

Chapter 113

An Act Relating to Liquor Samples

Chapter 114

An Act Concerning Applications Processed by the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission

Chapter 115

An Act To Extend Health Insurance Coverage for Dependent Children up to 25 Years of Age

Chapter 116

An Act To Provide Gambling Addiction Counseling Services through the Office of Substance Abuse

Chapter 117

An Act To Create an Ownership Interest in Agency Liquor Store Licenses

Chapter 118

An Act To Protect Consumers from Deceptive Insurance Solicitation

Chapter 119

An Act To Require Veterinarians To Notify the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources of Rabies Vaccinations of Dogs

Chapter 120

An Act To Prohibit the Transfer of Salvia Divinorum to Minors and To Prohibit Possession of Salvia Divinorum by Minors

Chapter 121

An Act To Clarify Certain Equipment Provisions for Motor Vehicles

Chapter 122

An Act To Update Absentee Ballot Procedures

Chapter 123

An Act To Promote the Safety of Deaf or Hard-of-hearing Drivers

Chapter 124

An Act To Permit the Use of Pictorial Graphics and Photographs on Changeable Signs

Chapter 125

An Act To Update the Authority of the Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company To Better Serve the Needs of Maine Employers

Chapter 126

An Act To Change the Name of the Division of Labor Market Information Services to the Center for Workforce Research and Information

Chapter 127

An Act To Streamline the Review of Minor Tariff Filings of Consumer-owned Water Utilities

Chapter 128

An Act To Amend Certain Animal Health Laws

Chapter 129

An Act To Modify Daylight Savings Time According to Federal Statute

Chapter 130

An Act To Allow Members of the Maine National Guard To Run for Office in a Partisan Public Election

Chapter 131

An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Adult Education

Chapter 132

An Act To Set Standards for Interviewing Children Who Are Subjects of a Child Protective Intervention

Chapter 133

An Act To Enhance Protection against Rabies in Wolf Hybrids

Chapter 134

An Act To Amend the Composition of the Maine Port Authority

Chapter 135

An Act To Delay the Effective Date of Changes to Motor Vehicle Inspection Rules

Chapter 136

An Act To Amend the Maine Health Data Organization Laws

Chapter 137

An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to the Treatment of Maine State Retirement System Contributions for Terminated Members

Chapter 138

An Act To Reduce Lobster and Crab Fishing License Fees for Persons 70 Years of Age or Older

Chapter 139

An Act Concerning Animal Control Officers as Reporters of Abuse

Chapter 140

An Act To Permit Medical and Social Service Professionals To Report Animal Cruelty

Chapter 141

An Act To Integrate the Approval of Early Childhood Education Plans for Children 4 Years of Age into Basic School Approval for Elementary Schools

Chapter 142

An Act To Amend the Child Support Laws

Chapter 143

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Compulsory School Attendance

Chapter 144

An Act To Protect the Solemnity and Dignity of a Funeral or Memorial Service in Maine

Chapter 145

An Act To Designate Certain Rules of the Board of Pesticides Control as Major Substantive Rules

Chapter 146

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Working Group

Chapter 147

An Act To Amend the Maine Commercial Fertilizer Law

Chapter 148

An Act Regarding Eminent Domain Authority and Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Requirements for the Construction of Transmission Lines

Chapter 149

An Act To Change the Membership of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission To Add Seats for the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians and the State

Chapter 150

An Act To Amend Maine's Abandoned Vehicle Laws

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