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State agencies that initiate rulemaking must provide notice to the Legislature and should electronically file (e-file) the required notification to the Legislature rather than submitting multiple copies of printed notices for distribution, with the exception of Provisionally Adopted/Major Substantive Rules which are not eligible for on-line filing and must continue to be filed hard-copy. Please see the checklist on for more information on filing Major Substantive Rules.

Rulemaking information that can be provided to the Legislature through e-filing includes:
  • Notices of proposed agency rulemaking
  • Rulemaking fact sheets
  • Notices of final rule adoption
  • Proposed and adopted rules
  • Emergency rules
  • Notices of Regulatory Agenda and Amended Regulatory Agenda
In order to e-file, you must be a registered user by creating an account below. Please use your official, governmental e-mail address as the username, and your password must be a minimum of 5 characters in length. A mixture of letters and numbers is advised.
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