Maine Revised Statutes

§6-110. Injunctions against violations of act

The administrator, through the Attorney General, may bring a civil action to restrain any person from violating this Act. [1975, c. 134, §3 (AMD).]

In such an action, the court may make such orders or judgments as may be necessary to prevent the use or employment by a person of any practices prohibited by this Act, to reform contracts to conform to this Act or to rescind contracts in which a violation has tended to induce the debtor to contract with the creditor, even though the debtors are not parties to the action. In such an action, the court may, in its discretion, award the administrator his reasonable costs of investigation and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in bringing the action. An action under this section and an action under section 6-113 may be brought jointly using a single complaint. [1983, c. 212, §11 (AMD).]

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