Maine Revised Statutes

§84. Preparation of commissions and recording qualifications

The Secretary of State shall prepare and present to the Governor under the seal of the State, in order that the same may receive the signature of the Governor, a commission for every person appointed or a certificate of election to every person elected to any office for which a commission or certificate of election is required; record in a suitable manner the time when and the person by whom any commission or certificate of election is taken from that person's office, and the time when any certificate of the qualification of any officer is filed therein. When a duty must be paid as a prerequisite of holding the office, the Secretary of State shall notify every person appointed to such office of the fact and on receipt of evidence of its payment shall then, and no sooner, present the commission or certificate to the Governor. When the commission or certificate shall have been signed by the Governor, the Secretary of State shall deliver or forward the same to the person so appointed or elected. All bills passed by the Legislature shall be filed with the Secretary of State for the purpose of issuing certified copies thereof. [1987, c. 816, Pt. KK, §7 (RPR).]

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