Maine Revised Statutes

§81. Office and duties; vacancy; salary; expenses; fees

The Department of the Secretary of State, as heretofore established, shall consist of the Secretary of State, the State Archives and such other state departments and agencies as are by law subject to the direction of the Secretary of State. The secretary shall keep his office at the seat of government; have the custody of the state seal and preserve all records in such office, at the expense of the State. The Secretary of State may appoint deputy secretaries of state who shall serve at the pleasure of the Secretary of State. The secretary shall designate one of his deputies as first deputy secretary of state. When a vacancy happens in the office of Secretary of State during the recess of the Legislature, the first deputy secretary of state shall act as Secretary of State until a Secretary of State is elected by the Legislature. Such deputy shall take the oath required of the elected Secretary of State and have the same compensation while he performs the duties of the office. [1977, c. 674, §1 (AMD).]

The Secretary of State and his deputy shall receive such actual traveling expenses incident to the administration of his department as shall be necessary. [1969, c. 504, §4 (AMD).]

The Secretary of State shall collect the legal and usual fees payable to him by virtue of his office and shall pay them over forthwith to the Treasurer of State.

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