Maine Revised Statutes

§8-B. Housing

It is the intent of the Legislature to discourage the construction, reconstruction and equipping of new housing facilities for state employees at state institutions and all other areas of State Government and to cause the termination of existing provision of housing facilities to state employees whenever other housing facilities are reasonably available to such employees and their residence elsewhere will not substantially impair the effective management and operation of the state department or institution by which such persons are employed. The housing facilities of each state department shall be reviewed periodically by the state department involved, and the provision of any such housing facilities shall be terminated whenever the above stated criteria are met. Except as otherwise provided, in each instance of the provision of housing facilities by the State, a rental charge shall be made to cover the total operating cost of any such facility. These costs shall include, but not be limited to, rates charged to the State, in operating such facility, for water, electricity, heat, telephone and furnishings and any other maintenance costs. Such costs shall not include charges for telephones used primarily for state business. In determining the feasibility of any such facility, the department shall consider the availability of living facilities for its employees, particularly in the unorganized territory and rural areas of the State. Any facility used on a seasonal basis shall be partially exempt from rental charges, at the discretion of the department. No charge shall be made for the provision of housing facilities when the state employee involved is required as a condition of his employment to reside in such housing facilities and when the state employee involved receives a salary less than the salary received by an employee at pay range 23, merit service step E of the compensation plan for classified employees. [1977, c. 78, §3-A (AMD).]

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