Maine Revised Statutes

§7068. Obligation to inform employee

1. Orientation session.  The director shall provide that during the first 6 months of state employment each employee shall attend an employee orientation workshop which shall be work time for the employee. Such training shall describe the nature and costs of benefits available to state employees generally, the nature and costs of benefits available to the employee and the circumstances under which the employee's benefit eligibility or cost may be changed. These benefits include, but are not limited to, vacation, holiday and sick leave, insurance programs and retirement programs.
A. In carrying out these programs, the director shall invite and include, to the extent they wish to participate, representatives of the Bureau of Employee Health, the Maine Public Employees Retirement System and employee representatives who are bargaining agents for any or all of the state employees attending the conference. Such employee representatives shall participate as the director provides in the program, but shall at least be given the chance to address employees in represented bargaining units on the rights and obligations of employees under the contract for their bargaining unit and as to insurance programs and other benefits that are available from the employee representative. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW); 2007, c. 58, §3 (REV).]
[ 1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW); 2007, c. 58, §3 (REV) .]
2. Information provided to employees.  The appointing authority shall be responsible for attendance of new employees at the orientation session, and shall provide every new employee with written information as to the employee's rate of pay and circumstances under which the rate may be changed, including merit increases.
A. The appointing authority shall also be responsible for distributing to new employees such written information as deemed appropriate by the director to carry out the spirit of this law and such information as provided in applicable labor agreements. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
[ 1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW) .]
1985, c. 785, §B38 (NEW). 2007, c. 58, §3 (REV).