Maine Revised Statutes

§326. Contributions to Blaine House

The commission may accept gifts, bequests, loans of artifacts and federal funds for purposes consistent with the objectives of this chapter. These gifts, bequests, loans of artifacts and federal funds must be used solely to carry out the purposes for which they were intended. Gifts may include furnishings, other artifacts and any items or specimens appropriate for the grounds. [1993, c. 590, §1 (NEW).]

All contributions, purchases and bequests of artifacts for the Blaine House and grounds must be reported in writing to the Maine State Museum Commission at least quarterly. The Maine State Museum Commission shall consider these acquisitions for inclusion in the Blaine House Historic Collection and report its decisions to the Blaine House Commission at least quarterly. For the purposes of this section, the "Blaine House Historic Collection" consists of all artifacts associated with the Blaine House and grounds that, in the judgment of the Maine State Museum Commission, are determined culturally or historically significant to the Blaine House, its inhabitants or the State. [1993, c. 590, §1 (NEW).]

1993, c. 590, §1 (NEW).