Maine Revised Statutes

§3004. Status of employees of this State

Employees of a sending agency participating in an exchange of personnel as authorized in section 3003 may be considered during such participation to be on detail to regular work assignments of the sending agency, or in a status of leave of absence from their positions in the sending agency. [1967, c. 266, (NEW).]

Employees who are on detail shall be entitled to the same salary and benefits to which they would otherwise be entitled and shall remain employees of the sending agency for all other purposes, except that the supervision of their duties during the period of detail may be governed by agreement between the sending agency and the receiving agency. [1967, c. 266, (NEW).]

Employees who are in a leave of absence status shall be carried on leave without pay. They may be granted annual leave or other time off with pay to the extent authorized by law and may be granted authorized sick leave in circumstances considered by the sending agency to justify such leave. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, employees who are in a leave of absence status shall have the same rights, benefits and obligations as employees generally who are in such leave status but notwithstanding any other provision of law such employees may be entitled to credit the period of such assignment toward all regular benefits as employees of the sending agency, such as retirement, seniority, longevity and insurance coverage. [1967, c. 266, (NEW).]

Any employee who participates in an exchange under the terms of this section who suffers disability or death as a result of personal injury arising out of and in the course of an exchange, or sustained in performance of duties in connection therewith, shall be treated, for the purposes of the sending agency's employee compensation program, as an employee, as defined in such Act, who has sustained such injury in the performance of such duty, but shall not receive benefits under that Act for any period for which he is entitled to and elects to receive similar benefits under the receiving agency's employee compensation program. [1967, c. 266, (NEW).]

1967, c. 266, (NEW).