Maine Revised Statutes

§286-A. Bureau of Human Resources' State Employee Health Dedicated Revenue Account

The Bureau of Human Resources' State Employee Health Dedicated Revenue Account is established to include allocations made to the bureau, funds transferred to the bureau from within the department, funds from the administration allowance provided in section 286, funds from the reserve fund provided in section 1731, funds received for special services provided to state agencies and employees and funds from operational charges levied upon state agencies. The cost of administration of the State Employee Assistance Program, the State Employee Health Program and the state employee workers' compensation unit must be funded from this account. [1991, c. 780, Pt. Y, §28 (AMD).]

State agency operational charges are a per employee fee paid by each agency in the same manner as premiums for state employee health insurance. With the exception of the Legislature, the per employee fee must be paid by all state agencies that have employees who are eligible to participate in the state employee health insurance program. The State Budget Officer shall work with state agencies to budget the funds necessary for the purposes of this paragraph. The Director of the Bureau of Human Resources shall recommend a fee to the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services. The director may establish a proportional fee for agencies outside of the Executive Department to reflect those programs utilized by such agencies. The rationale for the recommended fee must be well documented and include the program costs to be met by the fee. The commissioner shall provide a final recommended fee to the Governor. The Governor shall determine the per employee fee to be included in the normal budget process. [1991, c. 780, Pt. Y, §28 (AMD).]

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