Maine Revised Statutes

§1741. Definitions

Whenever the words "public improvement" or "public improvements" appear in chapters 141 to 155, those words mean and include the construction, major alteration or repair of buildings or public works now owned or leased or constructed, acquired or leased by the State or any department, officer, board, commission or agency of the State, or constructed, acquired or leased, in whole or in part with state funds, and including the construction, major alteration or repair of school buildings, in excess of $25,000, by any school administrative unit and for which state school construction aid is to be paid, except that sections 1743 and 1745 are not applicable to construction, major alteration or repair of school buildings. This subchapter does not apply to contracts for transportation-related services and contracts for construction and maintenance that, by law, are under the supervision of the Department of Transportation or the Maine Turnpike Authority. [2015, c. 5, §1 (AMD).]

The word "person" as used in this section and sections 1745 to 1749 means and includes any individual, copartnership, association, corporation or joint stock company and their lessees, trustees or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever. [2005, c. 313, §1 (AMD).]

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