Maine Revised Statutes

§133. Payments to be withheld and applied on accounts

If any town or county unreasonably neglects or refuses to pay an account for money due from it to or for the use of the State or for the use of any department or agency, the Treasurer of State may withhold from any funds due such town or county under any laws of the State an amount sufficient to pay such account in whole or in part and to apply the amount thus withheld to such payment. Such application shall constitute payment by the State in the amount thus withheld and applied under any laws of the State directing payment to such town or county of the funds so withheld and applied. It is expressly provided that funds due to any town or county from the General Highway Fund shall only be so withheld and applied in payment of accounts due from such town or county to the State for improvement, construction and maintenance of highways and bridges, and for snow guards, snow removal and sanding as provided by statute. The method of collection provided by this section shall be in addition to and not exclusive of all other remedies afforded by law for proper enforcement of payment. [1973, c. 701, §2 (AMD).]

1973, c. 701, §2 (AMD).