Maine Revised Statutes

§122. Conditions of bond; filing

The condition of the Treasurer of State's bond shall be for the faithful discharge of all the duties of his office, and that during his continuance in office he will not engage in trade or commerce, or act as broker, agent or factor for any merchant or trader; and that he, or his executors, administrators or sureties, or their executors or administrators, shall render a just and true account of all his agents' and servants' doings and transactions in the office to the Legislature, or to such committee as it appoints, on the first day of each regular session of the Legislature, previous to the choice of a new treasurer, and at any other time when required by the Legislature or the Governor; and that he will settle and adjust said account and faithfully deliver to his successor in office or to such person as the Legislature appoints, all moneys, books, property and appurtenances of said office, in his, or any of his agents' possession, and pay over all balances found due on such adjustment. Such bond, when approved as the Constitution prescribes, shall be lodged in the office of the State Auditor. [1975, c. 771, §35 (AMD).]

1975, c. 771, §35 (AMD).