Maine Revised Statutes

§311. Declaration of purpose

The Constitution of Maine guarantees the right of the people to petition their government for the redress of grievances and to freely express their opinions on legislation and issues. The Legislature reaffirms its obligation to hear the requests and opinions of all of the people, and to preserve and maintain the integrity and accessibility of the legislative process. [1975, c. 724, (REEN).]

The Legislature recognizes that groups of citizens may choose one among them to present their views to Legislators, and, because of the amount and complexity of proposed legislation, may employ persons knowledgeable in the legislative process to present their views. Such activities are proper methods of expressing the opinion of a group of citizens. [1975, c. 724, (REEN).]

The Legislature also recognizes that such activities must be carried out openly so that other citizens are aware of the opinions and requests made in this manner. Legislative decisions can fully reflect the will of all the people only if the opinions expressed by any citizen are known to all and debated by all, and if the representatives of groups of citizens are identified and their expenditures and activities are regularly disclosed. [1975, c. 724, (REEN).]

Therefore, the Legislature declares that, in order to insure the full participation of all the people of the State in the legislative process, full disclosure of the identity, expenditures and activities of any persons who engage in professional lobbying is required. Such disclosure will insure the openness and integrity of the legislative process and encourage the expression of the will of all the people of the State. [1975, c. 724, (REEN).]

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