Maine Revised Statutes

§8461. School administrative unit method

1. Role of the school administrative unit.  The legislative body of each unit in a region shall vote on the articles submitted by the cooperative board.
A. The vote on the budget articles by each unit must occur at the same time as the vote on the unit's regular school budget. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
B. The vote on each budget article must be to accept or reject each such article as appearing in the budget warrant. No portion of a warrant may be amended. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
C. Following the vote on the budget articles by a unit, the clerk of the unit shall notify, in writing, the member or members of the cooperative board that represent the unit of the results of the vote. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
[ 1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD) .]
2. Role of the cooperative board.  The role of the cooperative board is as follows.
A. Within 5 days after the last unit in the region has voted on the budget, the chair of the cooperative board shall call a meeting of the cooperative board to tally the results of the votes of the units in the region. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
B. Each cooperative board member shall report in writing the number of units represented by the member that voted on the budget articles in the affirmative or in the negative and shall cast a vote in accordance with the vote of the majority of the school administrative units represented by that member. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
C. The chair shall tally these votes of the cooperative board members and the cooperative board shall make a finding of fact and enter in its records the number of members that voted in the affirmative and the number of members that voted in the negative.
(1) If the number of members that voted in the affirmative exceeds the number of members that voted in the negative, the cooperative board shall declare that the region's budget has been approved.
(2) If any article fails to be approved by a majority of the members on the cooperative board, or if a special budget meeting is called to pledge the credit of the region after the cooperative board has declared that an emergency exists, the cooperative board may prepare a new budget or special budget and submit the necessary articles to a regional budget meeting called in the manner described in section 8462. [1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD).]
[ 1991, c. 518, §27 (AMD) .]
3. School administrative districts and community school districts.  A municipality that is a member of a secondary community school district or a school administrative district in a region shall appropriate the costs of career and technical education allocable to the municipality under the approved budget for the region as part of the municipality's secondary school budget.
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