Maine Revised Statutes

§8402. Programs

A center shall provide programs of career and technical education. Programs of career and technical education are eligible to receive state subsidy pursuant to chapters 606-B and 609. All programs of career and technical education offered by a center must be approved by the commissioner pursuant to section 8306-B, including programs previously approved under former section 8306-A. The programs must offer a sequence of courses that are directly related to the preparation of individuals for employment in current or emerging occupations and may include training and education in academic and business skills preparing students to further their education at the community college or other college level or allowing students to use trade and occupational skills on other than an employee basis. A center may also provide courses described in section 4722, subsection 2, the successful completion of which satisfies the diploma requirements set forth in section 4722. [2013, c. 424, Pt. A, §8 (NEW).]

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