Maine Revised Statutes

§2702. Abatement of nuisance

When on indictment, complaint or action any person is adjudged guilty of a nuisance, the court, in addition to the fine imposed, if any, or to the judgment for damages and costs for which a separate execution shall issue, may order the nuisance abated or removed at the expense of the defendant. After inquiring into and estimating, as nearly as may be, the sum necessary to defray the expense thereof, the court may issue a warrant therefor substantially in the form following


........, ss. To the sheriff of our county of .........., or either of his deputies, Greetings.

Whereas, by the consideration of our honorable .......... Court, at a term begun and held at .........., within and for said county, upon indictment," (or "complaint," or "action in favor of A. B.," as the case may be,) "C. D., of .........., &c., was adjudged guilty of erecting," ["causing," or "continuing,"] "a certain nuisance, being a building in .........., in said county," (or "fence," or other thing, describing particularly the nuisance and the place,) "which nuisance was ordered by said court to be abated and removed: We therefore command you forthwith to cause said nuisance to be abated and removed; also that you levy of the materials by you so removed, and of the goods, chattels and lands of said C. D., a sum sufficient to defray the expense of removing and abating the same, not to exceed .......... dollars," (the sum estimated by the court,) "together with your lawful fees, and thirty-three cents more for this writ. And, for want of such goods and estate to satisfy said sums, we command you to take the body of said C. D., and him commit unto our jail in .......... in said county, and there detain until he pays such sums or is legally discharged. And make return of this warrant, with your doings thereon, within thirty days. Witness, A. B., Esq., at .........., this .......... day of .........., in the year of our Lord 19....

J. S., Clerk."