Maine Revised Statutes

§357. Hospital records and copies of records

Records kept by hospitals and other medical facilities licensed under the laws of this State and records which the court finds are required to be kept by the laws of any other state or territory, or the District of Columbia, or by the laws and regulations of the United States of America pertaining to the Department of National Defense and the Veterans Administration, by hospitals and other medical facilities similarly conducted or operated or which, being incorporate, offer treatment free of charge, shall be admissible, as evidence in the courts of this State so far as such records relate to the treatment and medical history of such cases and the court shall admit copies of such records, if certified by the persons in custody thereof to be true and complete, but nothing therein contained shall be admissible as evidence which has reference to the question of liability. Copies of photographic or microphotographic records so kept by hospitals and medical facilities, when duly certified by the person in charge of the hospital and other medical facility, shall be admitted in evidence equally with the original photographs or microphotographs. [1973, c. 788, §66 (AMD).]

Notwithstanding this section, the result of a laboratory or any other test kept by a hospital or other medical facility that reflects an alcohol level, a detectable urine-drug level, a detectable blood-drug level or a drug concentration of either blood or urine may not be excluded as evidence in a criminal or civil proceeding by reason of any claim of confidentiality or privilege and may be admitted as long as the result is relevant and reliable evidence if the proceeding is one in which the operator of a motor vehicle, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle or watercraft is alleged to have operated under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs and the court is satisfied that probable cause exists to believe that the operator committed the offense charged. [2011, c. 335, §1 (AMD).]

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