Maine Revised Statutes

§2161. Notice to district attorney and Attorney General of all petitions for pardon or commutation

On all petitions to the Governor for pardon or commutation of sentences, written notice thereof shall be given to the Attorney General and the district attorney for the county where the case was tried at least 4 weeks before the time of the hearing thereon, and 4 weeks' notice in a newspaper of general circulation in said county. If the crime for which said pardon is asked or for which commutation of sentence is sought is punishable by imprisonment in the State Prison, the Attorney General or the district attorney for the county where the case was tried shall, upon the request of the Governor, attend the meeting of the Governor or the Parole Board at which the petition is to be heard and the Governor shall allow said district attorney his necessary expenses for such attendance and a reasonable compensation for said district attorney's services to be paid from the State Treasury out of the appropriation for costs in criminal prosecutions. The Governor may require the judge and prosecuting officer who tried the case to furnish him or the Parole Board a concise statement thereof as proved at the trial and any other facts bearing on the propriety of granting pardon or commutation. [1987, c. 667, §16 (AMD).]

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