Maine Revised Statutes

§7353. Form of writ

The form of the writ shall be as follows:

[L.S.]"...., ss. To the sheriff of our County of ...., or his deputy, Greeting.

"We command you, that without delay you cause to be replevied, C.D., who, as it is said, is taken and detained in a place called N., in our said County of ...., by the duress of G.H., that he may appear at our Superior Court, next to be held at ...., within and for the County of ...., on the .... day of .... next, then and there in our said court to demand right and justice against said G.H. for the duress and imprisonment aforesaid, and to prosecute his replevin, as the law directs; provided that the said C.D.," (the plaintiff,) "before his deliverance, gives bond to the defendant, in such sum as you judge reasonable, with two sufficient sureties, with condition to appear at said court to prosecute his replevin against the defendant, and to have his body there to be redelivered, if thereto ordered by the court, and to pay all such damages and costs as are awarded against him; and if the plaintiff is delivered by you at a day before the sitting of said court, you shall summon the defendant to appear at said court.

"Witness J.S., Esquire, our ...., at ...., the .... day of ...., in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ....

L.M., Clerk."