Maine Revised Statutes

§7306. Disposal of money recovered for goods attached or taken on execution

All sums recovered by an officer in an action of replevin on account of goods attached or taken in execution by him or recovered in a civil action upon the replevin bond shall be applied:

1. Fees, charges, expenses.  To pay the lawful fees and charges of the officer, and the reasonable expenses of the replevin action, and of the action on the bond, so far as they are not reimbursed by the costs recovered;
2. Payment to creditor.  To pay the creditor, in whose action the goods were attached or taken on execution, the sum, if any, recovered by him in that action or what remains unpaid, with interest at the rate of 12% a year for the time that the money was withheld from the creditor or the service of his execution was delayed by reason of the replevin;
3. Application of balance or if creditor does not recover judgment.  If the attaching creditor in such case does not recover judgment in his action, or if any balance remains of the money so recovered by the officer after paying the creditor his due, such balance or the whole amount, as the case may be, shall be applied as the surplus of the proceeds of sale should have been applied if such goods had been sold on execution.