Maine Revised Statutes

§702. Duty of sheriffs and deputies; fees

Every sheriff and each of his deputies shall serve and execute, within his county, all writs and precepts issued by lawful authority to him directed and committed, including those in which a town, plantation, parish, religious society or school district, of which he is at the time a member, is a party or interested, but his legal fees for service shall first be paid or secured to him. If the fees are not paid or secured to him when the process is delivered to him, he shall immediately return it to the plaintiff or attorney offering it; or if sent to him by mail or otherwise, he shall put it into some post office within 24 hours, directed to the person sending it; otherwise he waives his right to his fees before service. [1987, c. 223, §1 (AMD).]

1987, c. 223, §1 (AMD).