Maine Revised Statutes

§6704. Writs of possession; judgment conclusive

If the plaintiff recovers judgment in any such case, the court may order one or more writs of possession to issue, as may be necessary, against all such as have been so notified, whether they appeared and defended or not; and such judgment is conclusive on them.

Within 30 days after the judgment is recovered, the clerk of the court from which the judgment issues shall forward to the registry of deeds in the county where the real estate is situated a true copy of the property described in the judgment, together with the names of the parties, the date of judgment and the term of court in which the judgment was rendered, and the register of deeds receiving such copy shall forthwith file the same, minuting thereon the time of the reception thereof, and record in the same manner as a deed of real estate, and the fee of the clerk of the court for preparing the copy shall be $1 and the register of deeds shall be paid the fee set in Title 33, section 751 for entering and recording the same. Such sums shall be paid by the plaintiff. [1981, c. 279, §8 (AMD).]

1981, c. 279, §8 (AMD).