Maine Revised Statutes

§6312. Deduction of rents and profits; statement of amount due

When money is brought into court in an action for redemption of mortgaged premises, the court may deduct therefrom such sum as the defendant is chargeable with on account of rents and profits by him received or costs awarded against him. The person to whom money is tendered to redeem such lands, if he receives a larger sum than he is entitled to retain, shall refund the excess. Any mortgagee or person holding under him when requested by an assignee in insolvency or trustee in bankruptcy to render a statement of the amount due on a mortgage given by the insolvent where there is an equity of redemption shall render a true statement to the assignee or trustee of the amount due on such mortgage. For any loss resulting to the insolvent estate from any misrepresentation of the amount due, the assignee or trustee shall have a right of action against such person to recover such loss.