Maine Revised Statutes

§6103. Judicial determination of breach of condition

In all cases where a debtor has mortgaged real and personal estate to secure the performance of a collateral agreement or undertaking, other than the payment of money, and proceedings have been commenced to foreclose said mortgage for alleged breach of the conditions thereof, but the time of redemption has not expired, any person having any claim against the mortgagor and having attached said mortgagor's interest in said estate on said claim may file a complaint in the Superior Court in the county where such agreement has to be performed, where the owner of such mortgage resides or where the property mortgaged is situated, alleging such facts and praying for relief. Said court may examine into the facts and ascertain whether there has been a breach of the conditions of said mortgage, and if such is found to be the fact, may assess the damages arising therefrom, and may make such orders and decrees in the premises as will secure the rights of said mortgagee or his assignee, so far as the same can be reasonably accomplished, and enable the creditor, by fulfilling such requirements as the court may impose, to hold said property, or such right or interest as may remain therein by virtue of such attachment, for the satisfaction of his claim. Such claim may include possession of the property by the mortgagee for such time as the court deems just and equitable. Pending such proceedings, the right of redemption shall not expire by any attempted foreclosure of such mortgage.