Maine Revised Statutes

§5529. Form of return

In cases under section 5518, the person who makes the return, and in cases under section 5525, the person in whose custody the prisoner is found, shall state in writing to the court or justice before whom the process is returned, plainly and unequivocally:

1. Whether party in custody.  Whether he has or has not the party in his custody or power, or under restraint;
2. If so, authority and cause.  If he has, he shall state, at large, the authority and true and whole cause of such imprisonment or restraint upon which the party is detained; and,
3. If transferred to another.  If he has had the party in his custody or power or under his restraint and has transferred him to another, he shall state particularly to whom, at what time, for what cause and by what authority such transfer was made.