Maine Revised Statutes

§4601. Duration of attachment

An attachment of real or personal estate continues during the time within which an appeal may be taken from the judgment and during the pendency of any appeal. When a judgment for the plaintiff has become final by expiration of the time for appeal, by dismissal of an appeal or on certificate of decision from the law court, any such attachment shall continue for 60 days; except attachments of real estate taken on execution; or equities of redemption sold on execution; or an obligee's conditional right to a conveyance of real estate sold on execution; or property attached and replevied; or property attached belonging to a person dying thereafter, or specially provided for in any other case. [1987, c. 184, §21 (AMD).]

In addition to any other provisions of law, attachments of real or personal estates may be enforced and their duration may be extended as provided in sections 3131, 3132 and 4651 [1987, c. 184, §21 (NEW).]

1981, c. 279, §6 (AMD). 1987, c. 184, §21 (AMD).