Maine Revised Statutes

§4203. Death or removal of officer; further attachments

If an attaching officer dies or is removed from office while the attachment is in force, whether the property was in his possession or not, it and its proceeds may be further attached by any other officer the same as it might have been by the first officer. Such further attachments shall be made by a return setting forth an attachment in common form and by whom the property was previously attached; and if the goods have not been replevied, by leaving a certified copy of the writ of attachment, omitting the declaration and of the return of that attachment, with the former officer if living, or if dead, with his executor or administrator, or if none has been appointed, with the person having possession of the goods; or if the goods have been replevied and the officer who made the original attachment is dead, such copy shall be left with his executors or administrators or with the plaintiff in replevin. The attachment shall be considered as made when such copy is delivered in either of the modes described.