Maine Revised Statutes

§2603. Effect of service on trustee; service on partnership

Service on the trustee binds all goods, effects or credits of the principal defendant entrusted to and deposited in the trustee's possession, to respond to the final judgment in the action, as when attached by ordinary process if process describing the principal defendant with reasonable certainty is received at a time and in a manner that affords the trustee a reasonable opportunity to act on it. When a partnership is made a trustee on trustee process, service upon one member of the firm is a sufficient attachment of the property of the principal defendant in the possession of the firm, if that service is made at any place of business of the firm or, if that service is made elsewhere, that legal service is afterward made upon the other members of the firm. [2003, c. 149, §3 (AMD).]

2003, c. 149, §3 (AMD).