Maine Revised Statutes

§2020. Judgment assignee may bring action if estate does not pass by levy

When a judgment has been assigned for a valuable consideration, and bona fide, in writing, and a levy of an execution issued on such judgment has been made, and the estate does not pass by the levy, and the creditor dies after the levy, the assignee may bring an action in the court issuing the execution, setting forth the facts aforesaid therein, and requiring the debtor to show cause why another execution should not issue on the same judgment, in the name and for the benefit of said assignee. If the debtor, after being duly summoned, does not show sufficient cause why it should not be done, the levy may be set aside; and the court from which said execution issued may order and issue another execution on the same judgment, for the amount of the original debt, interest and costs, in the name and for the benefit of such plaintiff, and against such debtor and his property, in the usual form, with necessary charges.