Maine Revised Statutes

§1851. Objections; appeals

For all purposes for which an exception has heretofore been necessary in civil cases, it is sufficient that a party, at the time the order or ruling of the court is made or sought, makes known to the court the action that the party desires the court to take or the party's objection to the action of the court and the grounds for the objection. If a party has no opportunity to object to a ruling or order, the absence of an objection does not thereafter prejudice that party. In any civil case any party aggrieved by any judgment, ruling or order may appeal therefrom to the law court. The time for taking the appeal and the manner and any conditions for the taking of the appeal are as the Supreme Judicial Court provides by rule. [2001, c. 17, §2 (AMD).]

2001, c. 17, §2 (AMD).